Q&A with Squid

Q&A with Squid

We always receive such great questions from our social family, so here are our responses to some of the most popular questions asked about Squid.
“What is Squid?”
There are still questions around whether I am a Muppet in disguise, a Lorax, a soot sprite, a gremlin, or a real life version of the dog from Despicable me. In fact, I am a Brussels Griffon (or Griffon Bruxellois if you want to get technical). Griff’s come in two types of coats; rough (me!) or smooth.
Why is ‘Squid’ called ‘Squid’?
Mum first named me ‘Squid’ because of my squid-ink black fur. The name also coincidentally suited my beard which looks like Squid Tentacles when wet and also my lanky legs – Vogue, if you’re reading this, yes I am available for a cover shoot.
“How old is Squid?”
I hatched on the 17th May 2017, which makes me 4. I’m still hopeful that my growth spurt is on it's way…
“How much does Squid weigh?”
I’m 3.5kg (7.7lb); 40% beard, 40% legs, 20% toothies.
“Where does Squid live?”
I live in Adelaide which is in the southern central part of Australia. Adelaide is one of Australia’s smaller cities (and its best kept secret...shhhh!) We have empty beaches with water as blue as…wait I’m colour blind…we have wineries at our doorstep (hello Barossa) and the outback is only a couple of hours away – I’m still trying to do the calculations if I can fit inside a kangaroo pouch…TBC.

"Is Pretzel as crazy as he seems on the videos?"
CRAZIER!! While Mum tries to capture Pretzels crazy moments to share, most of them are fleeting and are missed in an instant. He has a heart of gold...but he is also very cheeky. Hot tip, don't leave any cupboard door open...or the contents will be 'hidden' around the house in an instant.
“Tell me about Mum?”
Mum’s name is ‘Susanne’ and she works in Human Resources. Mum likes to go on bike rides…enjoys the outdoors and loves to cook (and eat) desserts *note the bike rides...
“What is Squid’s favourite food?”
I am often referred to as the ‘Broccoli Connoisseur’ or ‘Broc God’ or ‘Brocaholic’. I can sniff out a bunch of broc from a mile away and nothing is better than a piece of forbidden-broc which has roll off the chopping board and onto the floor! Luckily, Pretzel doesn’t have a sophisticated pallet so I needn’t share!
and…the by far most popular question: 

“Why are you so cute!?”
I put this down to my regular trips to the salon (aka: the 'home' salon) and lazing in the sun to maintain an all year ‘summer glow’. I regularly eat yoghurt which doubles up as a facial and beard mask.
If you have any other questions, we’re all ears so please send me Squid-Mail by email or Instagram messaging. I will try to get back to you as fast as my paws can type.


  • Posted by Stacey B on

    My friend introduced me to your Instagram page & I’ve been in love ever since. Multiple times throughout the day I check for your story, as it always puts a smile on my face. I look forward to your pictures, stories, & post. I get whoever I can to follow you.

    Keep up the cuteness Squid & Pretzel!!! I can’t wait for your 2022 calendar.

    Stacey B from San Antonio, Texas, USA

  • Posted by Candy F. Yalong on

    Hi from another furmum from the Philippines! When I first saw you on IG, I instantly fell in love with Squid and Pretzel thats why I followed you! You guys give out positive energy. Sending hugs and kisses from my furbabies, Bella, Chester, Chloe, Chelsea, Goody and Greyie. And, from me, too! ❤️

  • Posted by Mel Singleton on

    Hello handsome Squid 🦑 and Pretzel! 🥨
    I’m a new follower here from the UK. I happened to stumble on your IG account by accident. I instantly was drawn to you because of your cuteness, those dry clean only legs and your adorable beards.
    I love the fun content on your qccount, it’s always creative, makes me smile and uplifting.
    Looking forward to receiving my 2022 calendar! We all need Squid and Pretzel in our homes. Just 2 little ray of sunshines. ☀

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