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Our Mission
Our mission is simple: Spreading smiles…Just like glitter at a kid’s birthday, sparkly reminders of the fun will pop up when you least expect it for months to come!
Who is Squid
Squid the Griff is a ‘bone-a-fide’ international social media star! He first rose to fame in 2018 when a photo of him went viral across social media and online.

This photo, together with the caption “Mum, who are the Muppets”, struck a chord with people from all over the world and our online presence instantly gained momentum.

Squid has been shared by many high profile pages, including The Dodo and Dogs of Instagram, and celebrities including the musician Moby and wrestler John Cena.

At only 3.5kg in weight, Squid has proven that mini can be mighty!

Partner with Squid
We would love to work with you! Please send your collab enquiries to the team at Lime Agency who will happily help set up a partnership with Squid and Pretzel.
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